Rain Saver Gutter

Rain Saver Gutter is an ingenious clip that turns your existing awning valance into a gutter! 
Manufactured here in Australia, this clip is made from a UV stabilised polycarbonate, strong enough to withstand our Aussie Sun!
You can purchase the clips by themselves or opt for a kit which contains everything you need to attach your hose and start collecting rainwater from your awning. 
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Suitable for caravans, RV's and motorhomes! All you need is an 180mm or 18cm drop on your awning valance. Scalloped valances also work well too with a minimum length of 18cm or greater. 
We also stock a canvas attachment suitable for those without a valance. It works perfectly for camper trailers, gazebos and those vans with a velcro attachment awning but no valance drop. Check them out in our shop for more information.
So, what can this beauty do for you? 
  • Diverts water away from annexe walls

  • Keeping floor area dryer, adding to your comfort

  • Collects usable water making you self-sufficient for longer, extending free camping time

Rain Saver Gutter Clips are quick and easy to install, remove and they store perfectly in the bucket. The kit is compact, light and great for travelling. 
Check out just how easy this is to install!
 Please Note
Rain Saver Gutter may not be suitable for all awnings. Gutter clips may not work on valances made from a thin fabric or less than 180mm. 
For shorter valances, hippo clamps and bungee cords can be purchased to stabilise the gutter.

Manufactured Using UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
We Guarantee To Replace Any Broken Rain Saver Gutter Clips
For A Period Of 12 months From Date Of Purchase