Ryder Electric Bikes

RSG Accessories are now stocking Ryder Electric Bikes!


Ryder Electric Bikes is another incredible Australian owned company, starting in Freemantle in 2006. 


Ryder bikes became highly attractive to caravanners and commuters as the power-assisted cycling allowed for a cleaner alternative for transport. 


These incredible bikes allow for exercise for all ages and capabilities and recreational enjoyment for everyone! 


There is a range of folding bikes that are incredibly space saving for caravanners and travelers - allowing you to ride to the shop instead of driving and having the hassle of parking a large car (or our 7m beast in our case). 


It is also a great bike to ride if you have any injuries or illnesses that impact your fitness levels. The range of assistance on the bikes is adjustable and can help you get moving again, without the hassle and pain!


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