Can I still put up my annexe and/or shade screen?

Yes, The clip is totally self-supporting and doesn't interfere with the walls of an annexe or shade screen. It rolls onto the awning valance on the awning tube, leaving the velcro free for your walls or sun shade!

Can I still put up my annexe and/or shade screen if I'm using the valance attachment for camper trailers?

Yes, you definitely can! The valance attachment has a double sided hook and loop velcro, so once you attach it to the awning you still attach your walls/sunshade to the valance attachment. Imagine the valance attachment sandwiched between the awning and walls. 

Can I run the water straight back into my water tanks?

Yes, The Rain Saver Gutter kit contains everything (bar the hose) you need to start collecting water. Once set up, all you need to do is clip on your hose and run it to fill your tanks. As long as you can gravity fill your tanks, you can use this method. We advise purchasing a Leaf Guard to help deter leaves and sediment. However, the hole in the bucket is drilled in a position to allow sediment to settle so this isn't pumped into your tanks.

Does this RSG system work on any caravan awning? 

The awning needs to be a roll out awning with a valance drop of 180mm or more to form a complete gutter. For shorter valances, we can supply 2 x hippo clamps and 2 x bungee cords which will allow you to use the Rain Saver Gutter system successfully.

How long do the Rain Saver Gutter Clips last?

The clips are an Australian manufactured UV stabilised polycarbonate material that has been designed for long lasting sun exposure.

Do you guarantee your RSG clips?

Yes we have a 12month full replacement guarrantee on our RSG clips. Simply take a photo and email us to let us know what happened and we shall replace them for you.