Door Latch

Door Latch is another ingenious invention from RSG Accessories.
Have you ever been caught caravanning on those humid evenings? When you'd like to open every window and door to let the van cool down overnight? 
BUT because your door is open, the window directly behind can’t be!
Or during those days when you’re wanting to catch all the breezes? Or open the kitchen window whilst cooking?
BUT again, the door is open so the window has to stay closed!
With the Door Latch, you can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy having the door and the window open at the same time.
The Door Latch is able to attach to your existing door latch and adjust to several lengths, up to 280mm, to allow for different degrees of window openings. There is a ring included to act as a spacer for larger door latches. 
The end is moulded in the same shape as your existing door latch and fits straight into the existing attachment on your van.
To install, simply undo the nut, place your existing door latch on top of the raised section and re-tighten nut. 
It is moulded here in Australia. In fact, we are so passionate about supporting local Australian businesses all our products are made in Australia.
This wonderful new invention is now released and available from our online store, or directly from us at the shows!