Our Story

Our Story 

from a dream to reality...

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

Picture this; sitting with our backs to a very large hill and gazing out on the most beautiful calm beach front in the Bruny Island passage. So calm, peaceful and right in amongst houses of Snug Tasmania.  The early mornings were visited by dogs walking their owners and so many little wrens flitting around between a grove of newly planted natives just for their behalf I suspect.


This serene surrounds came with a price (not the fees as they were more than reasonable)but of no power or water. No biggie really, we are set up for free camping with solar etc but water well we had two tanks and forty litres just in case, thought we had that covered too.


We were staying for a month as a base to explore the area. This plan worked well, the weather was challenging, with lots of showers and sun, etc “four seasons in one day”. Well the water went and how we parked for privacy we didn’t want to move our neighbours just to fill the tanks up so we used the jerry cans.......mmm sounds easy but not in practice, was a test of our 10 year marriage I can tell you, not to mention the pain my back experienced. Then the weather really set in..Tassie can shine but rain too. We’d already had occasions where our ‘free camping ‘experience had to be culled due to water shortage so this was becoming a recurring theme.  After sitting under our awning watching the water literally pour off onto soddened ground and being pinned to the wall of the caravan to avoid the swaying flicking water from the flap we concurred there had to be a way to catch this water........ we’re on tanks at home (Brisbane) if only we had a gutter to catch that water..... and as they say ‘the rest is history’. Michael conceived the idea, made a prototype and that is how our Rain Saver Gutter clip was conceived.  As Michael co-owned an Engineering Company in Beenleigh that makes tooling for injection mouldings he constructed a prototype and our little clip was born..


We enjoy camping and free camping so much and realise how precious water is. We hope by selling this product it can help others to enjoy it too. To be able to harvest fresh rain water to top up our tanks has helped us do this, its not infallible it does have to rain but we have collected from a heavy dew also.  


Rain Saver Gutter has grown so much over the last few years, that we now sell many other caravan and camping accessories. Rain Saver Gutter has grown into RSG Accessories to leave room for more inventions to come.