Ground Dog Single Screw In Peg

  • $18.50

These little beauties are designed by Outback Tracks and made in Australia. They are a stainless steel screw-in peg that can be screwed into almost any ground. They are particularly great for hard grounds such as clay.



200mm long, with a 19mm head (the same as your stabiliser legs) with a nylon locking nut and made from marine grade stainless steel.

Ideal for anchoring market gazebos, caravan awnings, tents in fact use anywhere when secure anchoring is required, can be used in the toughest conditions!

Designed for all ground types but excels in very hard ground,  no need to force all the way in, drill it in when it stops simply turn the locking nut & lock down your Awning or gazebo!

Ground Dogs have been made with security in mind, a left hand thread!